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The Genesis Project foundation has as sole purpose promoting scientific discoveries and enabling solutions for rare diseases. The Foundation is an all volunteer, community-managed academic non-profit organization fostering genetic discovery, big data management, and ending diagnostic odysseys for families.

Our Foundation brings together an international social research network of academic institutions, scientists, and non-profits ultimately serving patient communities.

The Genesis Project offers a thriving and affordable Genomics Research Platform - Genesis - to catalyze knowledge and translate it into scientific breakthroughs. Genesis is a proven solution used by many in the field of rare disease genetics.


What drives us is the prospect of moving genomic medicine towards much improved and economic diagnostics, public excitement for our field, and future (epi-)genetic therapies and molecular network-based treatments.

The Genesis Project is supporting impactful science

The Genesis Project is supporting impactful science

papers that cited, used, or mentioned Genesis

supported discoveries of novel disease genes

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disease exomes and genomes in active use


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We are thankful to our growing number of supporters and partners