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Our unique expertise: Rare and unknown diseases


Some people, most often children, experience health symptoms or have diseases that doctors cannot explain. The conditions are likely to be genetic in nature when there are symptoms that run in one’s family, or when children have severe health issues. For many patients and their families, the lack of explanations leads to an odyssey in the search for medical answers and appropriate treatments, all which can last years.

At THE GENESIS PROJECT foundation, we have world experts with impressive track records, which have contributed to ending the diagnosis odyssey for many people. In a number of cases, our discoveries have led to advanced research on cures. Our scientists can help diagnose and, in many cases, actually discover, for the first time, what the origins of symptoms or conditions are. We have discovered over 80 disease related genes, for children with nerve and muscle weakness, hearing loss, blindness and much more. We are actively working with scientists around the world to discover even more. 

Be part of scientific discovery efforts: Contribute to THE GENESIS PROJECT 


Today, all major scientific discoveries come from research projects that take place with researchers, patients and regular citizens from different countries working together. We have one of the most successful track records in the genetics area. The TGP Foundation is exclusively committed to solving the genetic puzzle that diseases present. We use a high-tech approach to address a very human problem – defeating diseases from cancer to degeneration, to aging. We do so by supporting science and scientists with knowledge, infrastructure and quality research data at low cost.  We also achieve this by the generous contributions of individuals who donate resources and/or their personal genome data.

Be part of THE GENESIS PROJECT by supporting our mission.


Join our research projects, help advance scientific discoveries and find answers. We collaborate with world renowned universities. All of our research projects comply with all applicable laws and ethics policies. They are authorized by accredited institutional ethics research boards. 

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