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Ethical integrity and good policy are the basis for scientific progress. We consider the ‘real-life’ context and impact of genomics in individuals, communities and our societies.


At the GENESIS PROJECT, we work with our international network of academic, governmental and industrial sectors together with patient communities and all citizens, to bring awareness and to deal with, the social, ethical and policy (ELSI) implications of genomics in research and medicine. We promote engagement across these communities to support scientific progress.    

We have unique expertise in prospectively identifying (i.e. horizon scanning) and managing actual, perceived or emerging social, ethical and policy issues and challenges across the world. We offer professional consultation and educational services on these issues and challenges. Our services also include evaluating and developing custom ELSI Toolkits, policies and procedures. We monitor international policy developments and assist organizations and individuals to ensure work is carried out in conformity with international ethical standards and national policy frameworks. 

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