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Former Board Members of THE GENESIS PROJECT foundation

Richard Postrel

Richard Postrel is an entrepreneur, the CEO and co-founder of ViaGenetics. He also co-founded The Genesis Project and served as the CEO and President of the Foundations’ Board of Directors from 2014-2017. 

Michael Ristori

Michael Ristori is a business manager. He co-founded The Genesis Project and served as Secretary of the Board from 2014-2017. He was responsible for Foundation’ accounting.


George Baccash

George Baccash is a certified public accountant (CPA). He served as the first Chief Financial Officer of The Genesis Project.

Former Key Contributors 

Rafael Acosta

Rafael Acosta is an expert programmer and was a key developer for and the GENESIS software platform.

Michael Gonzalez, PhD

Dr. Michael Gonzalez is a world class bioinformatician with PhD training in Dr. Züchner's lab. He currently works at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). He significantly contributed to and GENESIS development.

Nickolas Kelly

 Nickolas 'Nick' Kelly is a talented programmer who has made significant contributions to the development of GENESIS. 

Paul Heynen

Paul Heynen is a senior programmer with expertise in .net and C# and has contributed significantly to the development of GENESIS.

Fiorella Speziani

Fiorella Speziani is a nurse practioner, her work was essential in organizing the patient populations and addressing compliance issues around and GENESIS. 

Nicholas Bradley

Nick Bradley was the project manager for GENESIS development in its early phase and kept the development team organized.

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